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Table 4 Comparison experimental and simulated yields of wild type and mutant strains of Clostridium butyricum W5 cultured in glucose [71]

From: Clostridium butyricum maximizes growth while minimizing enzyme usage and ATP production: metabolic flux distribution of a strain cultured in glycerol

Product Experimental yields Simulated yields (FVA range)
Wild strain Mutant strain Wild strain (FBA) Mutant strain (ROOM)
H2 1.25a 0.69 0.661 (0.046–1.345) 0.694 (0–1.787)
Ethanol 0.18 3.31 a 0.215 (0–0.714) 0.680 (0–1.069)
Biomassb 100% 99.2%a 100% 95.0%
  1. aValues calculated from information reported by Cai et al. [71]
  2. bYields reported as percentages based on the wild type strain