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Table 1 List of tests which failed and the genes added to correct them

From: Remodeling adipose tissue through in silico modulation of fat storage for the prevention of type 2 diabetes

Failed validationa Gene(s) added to correct
UDP-N-acetyl D-galactosamine de novo synthesis GNPNAT1, GALE
CMP-N-acetylneuraminate de novo synthesis GNPNAT1
N-Acetylglucosamine de novo synthesis GNPNAT1, RENBP
Galactose degradation GALE
UDP-galactose de novo synthesis GALE
Lactosylceramide de novo synthesis GALE
Cysteine de novo synthesis CBS
Methionine degradation CBS
Homocysteine degradation CBS
CoA de novo synthesis CBS, SLC5A6
GSH de novo synthesis CBS
Histidine degradation FTCD, UROC1
Phenylalanine degradation HGD
Tyrosine degradation HGD
Tryptophan degradation HAAO, AFMID, ACMSD, SLC25A21
Heme de novo synthesis SLC46A1
  1. List of validation tests which wrongly failed in the metabolic network and that were fixed by the addition of identified genes and associated reactions
  2. GNPNAT1 Glucosamie-Phosphate N-Acetyltransferase 1, GALE UDP-Galactose-4-Epimerase, RENBP Renin Binding Protein, CBS Cystathionine-Beta-Synthase, SLC5A6 Solute Carrier Family 5 Member 6, FTCD Formimidoyltransferase Cyclodeaminase, UROC1 Urocanate Hydratase 1, HGD Homogentisate 1,2-Dioxygenase, HAAO 3-Hydroxyanthranilate 3,4-Dioxygenase, AFMID Arylformamidase, ACMSD Aminocarboxymurconate Semialdehyde Decarboxylase, SLC25A21 Solute Carrier Family 25 Member 21, SLC46A1 Solute Carrier Family 46 Member 1
  3. a A list of all validations is available in Additional file 3: Table S2