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Fig. 4

From: Modeling de novo granulation of anaerobic sludge

Fig. 4

Validation of the de novo granulation model via qualitative analysis. a Laboratory image courtesy of Sekiguchi et al. (1999), where green fluorescence label was used for Bacteria (represented by a single group of acidogens in current study), red fluorescence was emitted by Archaea (represented by a single group of methanogens in current study), yellow color correlates with overlapped red and green fluorescence and black color represents absence of fluorescence hybridization, and thus, absence of cell biomass (denoted as dead core here). b An image of granule simulated with current model. Same color labeling of the cell types is applied. c, d and e Distribution of the three solutes defining simulation of granulation (glucose, acetate, methane) at the final time point (t =800 h) of the simulation

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