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Table 3 The enrichment analysis result of NetGen on cervical carcinogenesis dataset

From: NetGen: a novel network-based probabilistic generative model for gene set functional enrichment analysis

Rank GO ID Description p-value
1 GO:0006271 DNA strand elongation involved in DNA replication 3.42e-11
2 GO:0090224 regulation of spindle organization 1.78e-3
3 GO:0001927 exocyst assembly 6.43e-3
4 GO:0038016 insulin receptor internalization 6.43e-3
5 GO:0070676 intralumenal vesicle formation 6.43e-3
6 GO:0086042 cardiac muscle cell-cardiac muscle cell adhesion 6.43e-3
7 GO:0014738 regulation of muscle hyperplasia 1.28e-2
8 GO:2000393 negative regulation of lamellipodium morphogenesis 1.28e-2
9 GO:0010993 regulation of ubiquitin homeostasis 1.28e-2
10 GO:0006050 mannosamine metabolic process 1.28e-2
11 GO:0046602 regulation of mitotic centrosome separation 1.92e-2
12 GO:0072708 response to sorbitol 1.92e-2
13 GO:0001992 regulation of systemic arterial blood pressure by vasopressin 1.92e-2
14 GO:1902498 regulation of protein autoubiquitination 1.92e-2
15 GO:0048388 endosomal lumen acidification 1.92e-2
16 GO:0048280 vesicle fusion with Golgi apparatus 2.55e-2
17 GO:0097264 self proteolysis 3.18e-2
18 GO:0045329 carnitine biosynthetic process 3.18e-2
19 GO:0051382 kinetochore assembly 7.45e-2
20 GO:0000741 karyogamy 1
21 GO:2000656 regulation of apolipoprotein binding 1
22 GO:0032848 negative regulation of cellular pH reduction 1
23 GO:0090158 endoplasmic reticulum membrane organization 1
  1. Best parameter setting: p 1=0.5, p 2=0.05, q=0.001. Term combination p=1.10e-37
  2. An appropriate parameter combination identified via a mixed parameter selection strategy was shown at the bottom of the table. The Fisher’s exact test p-values for single term and term combination were listed. The GO terms in bold were particularly identified by NetGen