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Table 17 Double arbitrary amino acids mutation results for sequence B

From: Hybrid method to solve HP model on 3D lattice and to probe protein stability upon amino acid mutations

Combination O-num V-num V-rate
H+H 45 45() 100%
P+P 45 43() 96%
H+P 50 29( ) 58%
P+H 50 18( ) 38%
  1. H+H(P+P) means that arbitrary double hydrophobic(hydrophilic) amino acids will be mutated. H+P(P+H) means that hydrophobic(hydrophilic) will match with hydrophilic(hydrophobic) behind of it to mutate. O-num is original combination number in sequence. V-num is the number of combinations with which minimal free energy were altered after mutating. V-rate is the rate of V-num. The arrows in parentheses indicate increase or decrease of the free energy