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Table 18 Combination D-value and pivotal amino acids results for sequence B

From: Hybrid method to solve HP model on 3D lattice and to probe protein stability upon amino acid mutations

Combination D-value and pivotal amino acids
H+H -4 H 1 H 3,H 18 H 20
P+P +2 P 4 P 5,P 4 P 13,P 5 P 8,P 8 P 17,P 10 P 13,P 11 P 16,P 13 P 16,P 16 P 19
H+P -2 H 3 P 10,H 3 P 16,H 3 P 19,H 6 P 19
P+H -3 P 10 H 18
  1. H+H(P+P) means that arbitrary double hydrophobic(hydrophilic) amino acids will mutate. H+P(P+H) means that hydrophobic(hydrophilic) will match with hydrophilic(hydrophobic) behind of it to mutate. D-value is the maximal deviation of H-H interactions between new sequence and original sequence when double arbitrary amino acids mutation. H i H j means that the i th animo acid matches the j th amino acid to mutate, in which two mutational amino acids are hydrophobic