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Table 2 The algorithm outline of TPPSO 2

From: Hybrid method to solve HP model on 3D lattice and to probe protein stability upon amino acid mutations

Step 1 To initialize \(\{X^{0}_{i}|i=1,2\cdots m\},\{V^{0}_{i}|i=1,2\cdots m\}\) and T list =Ø;
Step 2 To calculate \(E(X^{t}_{i})\), find \(P^{t}_{ib}\) and \(P^{t}_{gb}\);
Step 3 To update \(\{V^{t}_{ij}|j=1,2\cdots s\}\) and \(\{X^{t}_{ij}|j=1,2\cdots s\}\);
Step 4 To adjust and pull \(\{X^{t}_{ij}|j=1,2\cdots s\}\) ;
Step 5 To calculate \(E(X^{t}_{ic})=min\{E(X^{t}_{ij})|j=1,2\cdots s\}\);
Step 6 If \(E(X^{t}_{ic})\leq E(X^{t}_{i})\) then \(X^{t}_{i}=X^{t}_{ic}\);
Step 7 To calculate \(E(P^{t}_{gbc})=min\{E(X^{t}_{i})|i=1,2\cdots m\}\);
Step 8 If \(E(P^{t}_{gbc})< E(X^{t}_{gb})\) then \(X^{t}_{i}=X^{t}_{ic},T_{list}=\text {{\O }}\);
Step 9 If \(E(P^{t}_{gbc})= E(X^{t}_{gb})\) and \(P^{t}_{gbc}\notin T_{list}\) then \(T_{list}=T_{list}+X^{t}_{gb}, X^{t}_{gb}=X^{t}_{gbc}\);
Step 10 To output P gb .