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Table 8 The single amino acid mutation results for sequence B

From: Hybrid method to solve HP model on 3D lattice and to probe protein stability upon amino acid mutations

D-value -3 -2 -1 0 1 2 3
Q-value 0 1 5 7 2 2 0
R-value 0% 6% 2% 41% 12% 12% 0%
  1. There are 9 H-H interactions by TPPSO2 for original sequence B. Every amino acid would be mutational, namely H (P) was changed into P (H). D-value is the deviation of H-H interactions between new sequence and original sequence when single amino acid was mutated. Q-value is the number of amino acids caused the deviation. R-value is the ratio of amino acids. The ratio of amino acids which caused the maximal deviation is 18% (summarization of the numbers highlighted in bold)