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Table 3 A time course sequential dataset from time course microarray dataset in TableĀ 1

From: Mining significant high utility gene regulation sequential patterns

Patiend IDs Sequence
P 1 \(\{G_{1^{+}}(2.2)G_{2^{-}}(3.2)G_{3^{-}}(1.1)\}_{2} \{G_{1^{-}}(2.4)G_{2^{+}}(1.4)G_{3^{-}}(1.6)\}_{3} \{G_{1^{-}}(4.8)G_{2^{+}}(3.0)G_{3^{-}}(1.6)\}_{4}\)
P 2 \(\{ G_{1^{+}}(6.1) G_{2^{+}}(3.2)G_{3^{-}}(1.9)\}_{2} \{G_{1^{+}}(1.0)G_{2^{+}}(1.9)G_{3^{-}}(1.1)\}_{3} \{G_{1^{+}}(2.6)G_{2^{-}}(2.8)G_{3^{+}}(2.9) \}_{4}\)
P 3 \(\{G_{1^{-}}(3.1) G_{2^{+}}(1.1) G_{3^{+}}(2.0)\}_{2} \{G_{1^{-}}(6.6) G_{2^{+}}(1.0) G_{3^{+}}(1.7)\}_{3} \{G_{1^{-}}(15) G_{2^{-}}(6.2) G_{3^{+}}(2.2) \}_{4}\)