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Table 2 The identification and verification rates on CCLE data set with the P-values < 0.05

From: Identifying drug-pathway association pairs based on L2,1-integrative penalized matrix decomposition

Method Number of identification Number of verification Verification rate Identification rate
L 2, 1-iPaD 368 66 0.0517 0.2884
iPaD 88 25 0.0196 0.0689
iFada 39.4 4.8 0.0038 0.0309
  1. Note: aThe results of iFad method are derived from the reference thirteen. And the identification number denotes the number of drug-pathway association pairs, which posterior probabilities are no more than 0.9. The number of verification denotes the number of identified drug-pathway association pairs, which are validated in the CancerResource
  2. The superior results are in italic type