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Fig. 10

From: A framework to find the logic backbone of a biological network

Fig. 10

Different kinds of relationships between the stable motifs of the EMT network. The Wnt/ β-catenin feedback loop (top) can stabilize the SMAD/MAPK crosstalk motif (bottom left) since it fixes the state of the node GSK3 β which is a driver node of the SMAD/MAPK crosstalk motif. This crosstalk motif can in turn stabilize the Wnt/ β-catenin feedback loop motif since they share the GSK3 β node and there is a subgraph from one of its nodes, RAS, to E-cadherin, a member of the Wnt/ β-catenin feedback loop (see Fig 9b). The RAS → E-cadherin sufficient inhibitory subgraph is detailed in Fig 9b. The SMAD/MAPK crosstalk motif and the RKIP feedback loop (bottom right) can stabilize each other since they share the driver nodes MEK and ERK. Nodes with white background are in the ON state, while those with gray background are in the OFF state in the stabilized state of the motif. The names of the driver nodes are shown in boldface

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