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Fig. 12

From: A framework to find the logic backbone of a biological network

Fig. 12

Interesting logic subgraphs in the ABA network. a Sufficient subgraph from ABA to pHc. The necessary (or sufficient inhibitory) regulators Vacuolar Acidification, ABI1, OST1 and ABI2 are together sufficient for pHc. The source node ABA is sufficient for Vacuolar Acidification and for OST1 while it is a sufficient inhibitor of ABI1 and for ABI2. b ABA has a sufficient inhibitory subgraph to AtRAC1. Along with the necessary inhibitory edge from ABA to AtRAC1, ABA is a sufficient inhibitor of the sufficient regulator of AtRAC1, ABI1. All necessary regulators are together sufficient and all sufficient regulators are together necessary unless otherwise specified via an additional edge without a starting point

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