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Table 2 The subgraph chain function: The rows represent the logic type of the preceding edge or path and the columns represent the type of the succeeding edge or path; each cell corresponds to the type of subgraph that may exist if there is a pairing of the preceding relationship with the succeeding relationship

From: A framework to find the logic backbone of a biological network

  Succeeding suff necc suff inh necc inh
suff   - suff - suff inh
necc   necc - necc inh -
suff inh   suff inh - suff -
necc inh   - necc inh - necc
  1. A subgraph exists only if this chain function gives the same result (the same values in the corresponding cells) for all regulators. “-” indicates that there is a path, see Table 1. “suff” stands for sufficient, “necc” for necessary, “suff & necc” for sufficient and necessary, i.e. the only regulator (activating), “suff inh” for sufficient inhibitory, “necc inh” for necessary inhibitory and “suff & necc inh” for sufficient and necessary inhibitory, i.e., the only regulator (inhibiting)