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Fig. 7

From: Use of transcriptomic data for extending a model of the AppA/PpsR system in Rhodobacter sphaeroides

Fig. 7

Effects of changes in model parameters one by one for the Case (i). Similar to Figs 5 and 6 model results for varying parameter values are shown in different panels and compared with the experimental data. Here, like in previous figures, black filled circles show the micro-array data. a Effect of changes in blue light irradiance (I). b Simulation results for different values of parameter α. c Effect of changes in β. Model outputs for varying values of γ. We consider following model parameter combination as a default combination: I = 0.001, α = 6, β = 500, γ = 2.1, δ = 1, and Keq = ∞. Again, we have assumed that 30% O2 200–380 μM and 0% O2 = 0 μM as well as the total concentration of PpsR is assumed to be 100 nM. A solid red line in each panel shows the model output for the default parameter combination. The normalised SSE here, are calculated as described in the Method section and are used to quantify the goodness of the fit

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