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Fig. 8

From: Use of transcriptomic data for extending a model of the AppA/PpsR system in Rhodobacter sphaeroides

Fig. 8

Bistability, another model parameter combination and model outputs for different values of β. As in previous figures, black filled circles show the micro-array data. a and b Another parameter combination for which the model result is consistent with the micro-array data along with the prediction of a bistable behaviour. Here, LP denotes a limit point bifurcation. Model parameters for a are: I = 0.001, α = 3.8, β = 800, γ=2.15, δ=1, and Keq = ∞. Parameters for b are: I = 0.001, δ=1, Keq = ∞ and PpsRtotal = 100 nM. Again here we have assumed that 30% O2 200–380 μM and 0% O2 = 0 μM. Normalised SSE values are calculated as described in the Method section. c and d Appearance of bistability and changes in the gene expression profile obtained from the full model for different values of β. Here, LP and nSSE denote a limit point bifurcation and normalised SSE, respectively. Model parameters are: I = 0.001, α = 6, γ = 2.1, δ = 1, Keq = ∞ and PpsRtotal = 100 nM. Here also, we have assumed that 30% O2 200–380 μM and 0% O2 = 0 μM. Limit points (LP) are for β = 1000 only

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