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Table 1 Model simulation and corresponding experimental evidence

From: Multiscale positive feedbacks contribute to unidirectional gastric disease progression induced by helicobacter pylori infection

Model simulation Experimental evidence
IkB loss and Recovery (Fig. 2a) Figures 4a & b, Schumacher et al., 2015, [6]
IL-1 Increase and Shh/Acid Decrease (Fig. 2b) Figures 5a & 5b, Waghray et al. 2009, [10]
Recovery and BMMSC/TGF-B Increase (Fig. 2c) Figure 1, Houghton et al. 2004, [11]; Fig. 3, Varon et al. 2012, [12]
Gastrin, Wnt, Ihh Increases (Fig. 3c) Figures 3, 5, 6 Feng et al. 2014, [15]