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Table 3 Key to Different Cell Colors

From: A simple and accurate rule-based modeling framework for simulation of autocrine/paracrine stimulation of glioblastoma cell motility and proliferation by L1CAM in 2-D culture

Cell Color Description
Blue cells Blue cells are those initially behind the scratch line, and reflect cells still under adhesion from L1.
Green cells Green cells are those that are initially at the scratch line, and reflect cells that begin the simulation with L1 being cleaved and released and allow the cell to interact with the cleaved L1 to stimulate motility.
Red cells Red cells are those that were blue, but have passed the scratch line because the cellular density surrounding this particular cell allowed them to do so (i.e., move to the right because cells initially at the scratch line moved to the right into open space).
Periwinkle, lime, and orange cells Cells that are created through mitosis during the simulation will be the color of the parent but slightly lighter (e.g., division of a blue cell results in one daughter cell remaining blue, while the other is a lighter periwinkle color).