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Table 2 Names of species and their numbers

From: Modeling the therapeutic efficacy of NFκB synthetic decoy oligodeoxynucleotides (ODNs)

Abbreviation Full name
D B Bound decoy site
D U Unbound decoy site
A D B Bound artificial decoy site
A D U Unbound decoy site
ON Active gene state
OFF Inactive gene state
I n Nuclear IκBα
I c Cytoplasmic IκBα
N n Nuclear NFκB
N c Cytoplasmic NFκB
N I n Nuclear NFκBIκBα complex
N I c Cytoplasmic NFκBIκBα complex
N Total number of NFκB: 105
GeneON+OFF Total number of Genes: 1
ADAD B +AD U Total number of artificial Decoys: [0−2×105]
DD B +D U Total number of natural Decoys: 2×104