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Table 14 List of model equations used in calculation of cytosolic components (obtained from [11])

From: Composite mathematical modeling of calcium signaling behind neuronal cell death in Alzheimer’s disease

Equation Biological significance
Glycolytic rate based on hexokinase
gly num =(123.3(1+1.66glc)(glcATP i ))0.0249 Glycolytic rate numerator
gly denom =1+(4ATP i )+((1+2.83ATP i )1.3glc)+((1+2.66ATP i )0.16glc2) Glycolytic rate denominator
Jgly,total=gly num /gly denom Glycolytic rate
Jp,gly=2Jgly,total Phosphorylation of ADPi from glycolysis
J hyd =41(ATP i )+Jhyd,max/(1+(8.7/glc)2.7) Cytosolic hydrolysis of ATP