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Table 3 List of parameters used in PTP Integration for PTPh and PTPl states [79]

From: Composite mathematical modeling of calcium signaling behind neuronal cell death in Alzheimer’s disease

Parameters Value Biological significance
C A M 4 μM Threshold Mitochondrial Ca2+
y 0.8 Secondary process threshold
\(f_{H_{M}} \) 1.28 x 10 −6 Fast buffering constant for protons in mitochondria
p 1 0.022 Parameter p1
p 2 0.0001 Parameter p2
p 3 0.0231 Parameter p3
p 4 0.0001 Parameter p4
a m p τ 26000 Amplitude for time constant
p 6 0.001 Parameter p6
\(perm_{l}^{H}\) 3.0 PTP Permeability to protons
p e r m Ca 0.4 PTP Permeability to calcium ions
postptp 2 PTP opening indication constant