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Fig. 2

From: Systems biology analysis of mitogen activated protein kinase inhibitor resistance in malignant melanoma

Fig. 2

Transcriptomic profiling of BRAF inhibitor resistance in cellular models of malignant melanoma. a Establishing cellular models of mitogen activated protein kinase inhibitor resistance using SK-MEL-28 malignant melanoma cell line and the BRAF inhibitor, vemurafenib. b Transcriptomics RNA-Seq analysis identifies 980 differentially expressed genes between BRAF inhibitor-resistant (BRAFi-R) cellular model vs control. c Enrichment analysis of up- and downregulated gene sets shows shift in metabolic and signaling pathways. d Validation by transcriptomic profiling of identified genes by RT-qPCR. e Comparison and validation of resistance model using melanoma cell lines SK-MEL-28 and A375 by transcriptomics RT-qPCR arrays

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