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Table 3 The species involved in the heat shock response model

From: Modeling biological systems with uncertain kinetic data using fuzzy continuous Petri nets

Species Description Initial value
h s f Heat shock factor 0.67
h s f 2 Phosphorylation state of hsf 8.7×10−4
h s f 3 Phosphorylation state of hsf 1.2×10−4
h s e Heat shock element 29.73
hsf3_hse The binding of hsf3 to hse 2.96
h s p Heat shock protein 766.88
hsp_hsf The binding of hsp to hsf 1403.13
m f p The heat-induced misfolded protein 517.352
hsp_mfp The binding of hsp to mfp 71.65
p r o t Unfolded or native protein 1.15×108
  1. The initial values are taken from [24]