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Fig. 1

From: Escherichia coli B2 strains prevalent in inflammatory bowel disease patients have distinct metabolic capabilities that enable colonization of intestinal mucosa

Fig. 1

Pan-genome analysis shows B2 strains contain distinct metabolic genes. a 110 strains are clustered by the presence/absence of 1898 accessory metabolic genes. Genes in the red box are primarily absent from B2 strains, while genes in the orange box are more prevalent in B2 strains. b Presence and absence of genes involved in mucus degradation in 110 E. coli strains (genes are colored based on their functions in monosaccharides degradation). The four highlighted genes annotated as tagatose bisphosphate (TBP) aldolase are more prevalent in B2 strains. c Metabolic pathways of degradation of five nutrient sources involve TBP aldolase

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