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Table 1 Feasible logical parameters (K) generating bi-stable cyclic attractors along with their equivalent logical equations (see [63] for more details on how these equations might be further simplified)

From: High-fidelity discrete modeling of the HPA axis: a study of regulatory plasticity in biology

Component Logical values(Kinetic Ratios) Logical Equivalence
CRH (i=2) K2=0, K24=1 CRH::(CORT0).
ACTH (i=3) K3=0, K32=1, K35=1, K3.25=1 ACTH::(CRH AND ¬(R0)) ORCRH ANDR0) OR(CRH ANDR0).
CORT (i=4) K4=0, K43=2 CORT2::ACTH.
R (i=5) K5=0, K54=1, K55=2, K5.45=2 R2::(R2)OR(R2 AND CORT2).R1::CORT2AND ¬(R2).
  1. Note that Stress is not mentioned in this table since it has no input interaction. The binary entities (e.g. CRH and ACTH) are denoted by conventional logical notations (e.g. ¬ACTH::ACTH0)