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Fig. 2

From: Extracting proteins involved in disease progression using temporally connected networks

Fig. 2

Effect of node and edge deletion on network traversing. a Fraction of proteins traversed on deleting each edge with topmost edge (having lowest effect) present in 4th time point network shown in (a). (c) Fraction of proteins traversed on deleting each node with top 3 nodes (having lowest 2 effect) encircled and the corresponding time point specific network where these are present shown in (d) and (b). e Fraction of proteins traversed on deleting topmost proteins from our ranking with zoomed in plot of deleting top 80 proteins from ranked list shown in inset. Bottom inset shows the distribution of fraction proteins traversed on deleting randomly selected 12 proteins (distribution) and effect when proteins from our ranked list are deleted (red arrow). f Single connected network obtained by connecting the 9 time point specific networks. g Sub network obtained by overlaying the top 12 proteins on single connected network with the time point where these are perturbed in right panel

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