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Table 1 Descriptions of the breast tissue-derived cell lines used in this study

From: The synthetic histone-binding regulator protein PcTF activates interferon genes in breast cancer cells

Cell line ATCC Sub-type Markers [46] EZH2 H3K27me3
MCF7 HTB-22 Luminal A ER+, PR+ Elevateda,b,c [59,60,61] Elevateda [57, 60]
BT-474 HTB-20 Luminal B ER+, PR+, HER2+ Elevatedc [62] Elevatedd [57]
BT-549 HTB-122 Basal B, claudin-low ER-, PR-, TP53M Elevatedc [8] Elevatedd [57]
MCF10A CRL-10317 Non-invasive/ Basal B ER-, PR- n/a n/a
  1. ATCC American Tissue Culture Center ID. Molecular subtype and marker expression status are from Neve et al. 2006 [46]: Estrogen receptor presence or absence (ER+/−), Progesterone receptor presence or absence (PR+/−), HER2 overexpression (HER2+), and TP53 mutation (TP53M). EZH2 and H3K27me3 were shown to be elevated compared to non-metastatic fibroblasts (a) [60], LNCaP (b) [59], MCF10A (c) [8, 61, 62], and HMEC (d)