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Table 1 Basic parameters specifying the growth rate in MCS system used in this study and CFD simulations: uav represents the value of average irradiance in the culture, L stands for MCS characteristic length, velocity of the upper MCS wall is given by Reynolds number Re, ΛL stands for optical thickness, q2, q4, yR(t0), yA(t0) and yBss(uav=1) represent 2 parameters, 2 initial conditions for rested and activated state of the PSF model and (quasi) steady state level of the inhibited state, respectively (see section “Model of photosynthetic factory – PSF model”)

From: Advanced integration of fluid dynamics and photosynthetic reaction kinetics for microalgae culture systems

u av L [m] Re =vL L/ν Λ L q 2 q4 [s−1] yR(t0) yA(t0) yBss(uav)
1 0.02 0 – 100000 8 ln(2) 0.3 0.5 1 0 0.1875