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Table 3 Information of the sequences used in the tests

From: SWIFOLD: Smith-Waterman implementation on FPGA with OpenCL for long DNA sequences

Set Sequence 1 Sequence 2 Matrix size Score
  Accesion Size Accesion Size (cells)  
Small AF133821.1 10K AY352275.1 10K 100K 5027
  NC_001715.1 57K AF494279.1 57K 3M 51
  NC_000898 162K NC_007605 172K 28M 18
  NC_003064.2 543K NC_000914.1 536K 291M 48
Medium CP000051.1 1M AE002160.2 1M 1G 82091
  BA000035.2 3M BX927147.1 3M 9G 3888
  AE016879.1 5M AE017225.1 5M 25G 5220775
  NC_005027.1 7M NC_003997.3 5M 35G 157
  NC_017186.1 10M NC_014318.1 10M 100G 10235056
  NT_033779.4 23M NT_037436.3 25M 575G 9059
Large NC_000021.9 48M NC_006488.4 34M 1.6T 24922392
  NC_000022.11 51M NC_006489.4 38M 1.9T 20133752
  NC_000019.10 59M NC_006486.4 62M 3.7T 23570332
  NC_000020.11 65M NC_006487.4 67M 4.4T 35488641