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Table 1 Associations between graph entities and biological information

From: BioGraph: a web application and a graph database for querying and analyzing bioinformatics resources

Type Label # Biological information Source
Nodes Gene 59839 Genes NCBI entrez genes
  Go 43969 Functional annotations Gene ontology
  Protein 20193 Proteins UniProtKB
  Pathway 1920 Pathways Reactome
  MiRNA 28645 miRNA precursors miRBase
  MiRNAmature 38558 miRNA matures miRBase
  MiRNAsnp 236 miRNA SNPs miRNASNP
  Cancer 107 Cancers mirCancer
  ProteinName 219132 Proteins accessions UniProtKB
  GeneName 115027 Genes symbols HGNC
  Interaction 913285 miRNA-target interactions mirTarBase,miRanda
Relations ANNOTATES 514528 Links to annotated entities Gene ontology
  CONTAINS 99979 Links to entities in pathways Reactome
  PRECURSOR_OF 38558 Precursors-matures relations miRBase
  HAS_SNP 236 miRNAs-mutations relations miRNASNP
  SYNONYM_OF 115027 Symbols-genes relations HGNC
  REFERS_TO 219132 Accessions-proteins relations UniProtKB
  INTERACTING_GENE 913285 Genes-interactions relations mirTarBase,miRanda,miRNASNP
  INTERACTING_MIRNA 657904 miRNA-interactions relations mirTarBase,miRanda
  INTERACTING_SNP 255381 SNPs-interactions relations miRNASNP