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Table 3 Content type and functional features of BioGraph and other considered integrated systems

From: BioGraph: a web application and a graph database for querying and analyzing bioinformatics resources

Product Biological data Web interface Dynamic visualization Custom queries Analytics Expandability
ncRNA-DB ncRNAs, RNAs, genes, diseases Yes Yes Yes No No
JBioWH Genes, proteins, proteins clusters, proteins domains, chromosomes, enzymes, ppi, pathways, reactions, drugs, taxonomies, functional annotations Desktop client No Yes No Yes
mirWalk Genes, miRNAs, functional annotations, miRNA-target interactions Yes No No Yes No
ARN Genes, miRNAs, regulations of adipogenesis Yes Yes No Yes No
SSER Essential reactions Yes No No No No
Bio4j Proteins, taxonomy, functional annotations, enzymes Command line No Yes No Yes
HumanMine Genes, proteins, protein domains, protein localizations, pathways, genes expressions, functional annotations, diseases, phenotypes, molecular interactions, genetic interactions Yes No Yes Yes Yes
BioGraph Genes, proteins, miRNAs, pathways, functional annotations, miRNA-target interactions, miRNA-cancer relations, miRNA-SNP relations Yes Yes Yes Yes Yes