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Fig. 4

From: Inferring phenotypes from substance use via collaborative matrix completion

Fig. 4

The recovered G by our method for the Cocaine-Opioid SUD dataset. Columns C1-C11 represent 11 CUD diagnostic criteria, columns O1-O11 represent 11 OUD diagnostic criteria. C1/O1: Larger or longer Cocaine/Opioid use than intended; C2/O2: Failed efforts to stop on Cocaine/Opioid; C3/O3: Much time spent in Cocaine/Opioid related activities; C4/O4: Strong desire to use Cocaine/Opioid; C5/O5: Cocaine/Opioid effect interfered with life; C6/O6: Cocaine/Opioid use despite of its interference; C7/O7: Major activities reduced by Cocaine/Opioid use; C8/O8: Physical hazard caused by Cocaine/Opioid use; C9/O9: Cocaine/Opioid use knowing it threatening health; C10/O10: Cocaine/Opioid tolerance; C11/O11: Cocaine/Opioid withdrawal syndrome

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