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Table 1 Model parameters

From: Modeling antibiotic resistance in the microbiota using multi-level Petri Nets

Model parameters Values Description
P0tot 1010 Total bacterial population
P0ByB 102 Initial Bifidobacterium population
P0AB 102 Initial Acinetobacterium population
KA 1020 Growth saturation for Acinetobacterium
KE 104 Growth saturation for E. Coli
gammaA 1.34 Growth rate for Acinetobacterium
gammaE 1.51 Growth saturation for E. Coli
Killing rate (ehnanced) 150 h-1 Frequency of predation events
HGT rate 0.15 h-1 Frequency of horizontal gene transfer
  1. Quantities of bacterial cells are intended per gram of sample. Kinetic rates are intended per hour