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Table 2 The selected physico-chemical properties

From: Large-scale prediction of protein ubiquitination sites using a multimodal deep architecture

Physico-chemical property Description
EISD860102 Atom-based hydrophobic moment
ZIMJ680104 Isoelectric point
HUTJ700103 Entropy of formation
KARP850103 Flexibility parameter for two rigid neighbors
JANJ780101 Average accessible surface area
FAUJ880111 Positive charge
GUYH850104 Apparent partition energies calculated from Janin index
JANJ780103 Percentage of exposed residues
JANJ790102 Transfer free energy
PONP800102 Average gain in surrounding hydrophobicity
CORJ870101 NNEIG index
VINM940101 Normalized flexibility parameters, average
OOBM770101 Average non-bonded energy per atom