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Fig. 2

From: MISC: missing imputation for single-cell RNA sequencing data

Fig. 2

Missing data imputation benefits to reveal CML stem cell trajectories associated with disease progression in CML. The trajectories include five types of stem cells, CP-CML in black (n = 477), normal HSCs in blue (n = 232), pre-BC samples taken as the patients presented in CP (pre-BC) 12 months and 3 months before transformation to myeloid and lymphoid BC in green (n = 185), BC-CML in purple (n = 155) and K562 in red (n = 53) using the top 234 differentially expressed genes. a The single-cell RNA-seq expression trajectories analyzed on CML stem cells without data imputation. b The trajectory analysis on CML stem cells using the mean-smooth method with neighbor cells on the trajectory. c The trajectory analysis on CML stem cells using MISC methods to recover the CML data

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