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Table 4 The set of Boolean functions for a mutated cell cycle [46]

From: An experimental design framework for Markovian gene regulatory networks under stationary control policy

Gene Node Boolean function
CycD X 1 Extracellular signal
Rb X 2 \((\overline {X_{1}}\wedge \overline {X_{4}}\wedge \overline {X_{9}}\wedge \overline {X_{8}})\)
E2F X 3 \((\overline {X_{2}}\wedge \overline {X_{9}}\wedge \overline {X_{8}})\)
CycE X 4 \((X_{3}\wedge \overline {X_{2}})\)
Cdc20 X 5 X 8
Cdh1 X 6 \((\overline {X_{9}}\wedge \overline {X_{8}})\vee X_{5}\)
UbcH10 X 7 \(\overline {X_{6}}\vee (X_{6}\wedge X_{7} \wedge (X_{5}\vee X_{9}\vee X_{8}))\)
CycB X 8 \((\overline {X_{5}}\wedge \overline {X_{6}})\)
CycA X 9 \((X_{3}\wedge \overline {X_{2}}\wedge \overline {X_{5}}\wedge (\overline {X_{6}}\wedge \overline {X_{7}}))\)
   \(\vee (X_{9}\wedge \overline {X_{2}}\wedge \overline {X_{5}}\wedge (\overline {X_{6}\wedge X_{7}}))\)