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Table 3 Average performance of Multi-CSAR on the five testing datasets when using the sequence identity-based weighting scheme

From: Multi-CSAR: a multiple reference-based contig scaffolder using algebraic rearrangements

Scaffolder Sen. Pre. F-score Cov. NGA50 #Scaf. Time
Multi-CSAR (NUCmer) 89.9 91.3 90.6 93.5 1,046,288 10 1.7
Multi-CSAR (PROmer) 89.4 90.5 89.9 92.8 1,045,489 7 6.3
  1. The values of sensitivity (abbreviated as ‘Sen.’), precision (abbreviated as ‘Pre.’), F-score and genome coverage (abbreviated as ‘Cov.’) are displayed in percentage (%), and the size of NGA50 in base pairs (bp). The column ‘#Scaf.’ gives the number of resulting scaffolds and the column ‘Time’ displays the running time in minutes. The best result in each column is shown in bold