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Table 6 List of proteins and their p-values simultaneously identified by LMM or LR-SAM methods

From: Analysis of significant protein abundance from multiple reaction-monitoring data

Protein Models # of peptide Simultaneously Identified model
IGJ 2.E-18 3.E-21 1.E-05 1.E-04 2.E-07 3.E-14 3 All
IGHG3 2.E-10 3.E-18 2.E-07 2.E-07 2.E-07 9.E-11 1 All
IGHG1 3.E-09 8.E-17 3.E-07 3.E-07 3.E-07 3.E-10 1 All
GPX3 5.E-06 5.E-09 9.E-05 9.E-05 9.E-05 1.E-05 1 All
FBLN1 1.E-01 7.E-11 3.E-05 1.E-05 5.E-06 2.E-07 2 LR-SAM
C163A 3.E-03 2.E-08 7.E-07 7.E-07 7.E-07 4.E-10 1 LR-SAM
ISLR 2.E-01 6.E-04 4.E-07 4.E-07 4.E-07 1.E-09 1 LR-SAM
FCG3A 8.E-02 8.E-04 6.E-07 6.E-07 6.E-07 3.E-09 1 LR-SAM
QSOX1 2.E-01 2.E-03 8.E-07 8.E-07 8.E-07 3.E-09 1 LR-SAM
FBLN3 2.E-02 2.E-06 4.E-07 4.E-07 4.E-07 3.E-09 1 LR-SAM
SHBG 4.E-03 1.E-04 1.E-05 5.E-05 2.E-06 9.E-08 2 LR-SAM
LG3BP 1.E-02 4.E-06 3.E-05 5.E-06 5.E-06 2.E-07 2 LR-SAM
CATB 2.E-01 2.E-03 7.E-06 7.E-06 7.E-06 3.E-07 1 LR-SAM
HPT 6.E-06 3.E-03 1.E-04 2.E-05 3.E-05 7.E-06 2 LR-SAM
POSTN 9.E-02 3.E-04 1.E-04 1.E-04 1.E-04 1.E-05 1 LR-SAM
SODE 4.E-02 7.E-05 2.E-04 2.E-04 2.E-04 2.E-05 1 LR-SAM
1433S 1.E-01 8.E-04 1.E-04 1.E-04 1.E-04 2.E-05 1 LR-SAM
FSTL1 2.E-01 2.E-03 5.E-05 5.E-05 5.E-05 7.E-05 1 LR-SAM
CD5L 3.E-15 1.E-30 8.E-05 4.E-01 2.E-06 9.E-13 3 LMM
APOA4 3.E-04 1.E-07 1.E-03 1.E-01 7.E-04 2.E-04 2 LMM