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Table 2 Lung cancer associated lncRNAs in the top 10 ranking list of Lap-BiRWLDA

From: Laplacian normalization and bi-random walks on heterogeneous networks for predicting lncRNA-disease associations

Cancer type lncRNA Rank Evidence
Lung PVT1 1 Lnc2Cancer
Lung H19 2 LncRNADisease,Lnc2Cancer
Lung MALAT1 3 LncRNADisease,Lnc2Cancer
Lung HOTAIR 4 LncRNADisease,Lnc2Cancer
Lung BCYRN1 5 LncRNADisease
Lung UCA1 6 lnc2Cancer
Lung GAS5 7 lnc2Cancer
Lung MEG3 9 LncRNADisease,Lnc2Cancer