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Table 7 The classification and quantity statistics of AAindex1 properties

From: Hot spot prediction in protein-protein interactions by an ensemble system

Alpha and Turn propensities

GEIM800103, CHAM83102, QIAN880129, ROBB760111, RICJ880114


RACS820104, QIAN880117, WOLS870103, FASG760104, ISOY800106


ROBB760107, QIAN880139, QIAN880113, RICJ880117, SNEP660104


VASM830101, BUAN790103


NAKH900113, QIAN880128, PRAM820101, KHAG800101, SUEM840102


WERD780103, RICJ880104, VASM830102, ROSM880103, RICJ880105


ISOY800107, RACS820103, JOND750102, TANS770108, KLEP840101, VELV850101

Physcioemcial properties

JOND920102, QIAN880113

Add properties

GERO01103, NADH010107, AURR980118, AURR980120, WILM950104


GEOR030107, GERO01103

  1. *The second column represents the number of each attribute in AAindex1