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Fig. 5

From: Plasmodium vivax readiness to transmit: implication for malaria eradication

Fig. 5

Mathematical model of P. vivax exploring the effect of reduced incubation period on spread of disease. A sensitivity analysis is performed on relative R0 for P. vivax (relative to P. falciparum). Green indicates when the parameter has been lowered from its baseline value, pink indicates higher than baseline (therefore R0 is positively correlated with the first four parameters and negatively correlated with the last four parameters). Parameters ε, p and k3 are varied between 0 and 7, 0–1, and 0–1 respectively, all other parameters are varied by 10%. Parameters and their baseline values are: proportion of hosts that develop hypnozoites (k2, 0.68), reduction in incubation time (ε, 3.5), proportion of hosts developing symptoms in P. falciparum (p, 1), rate of relapsing (ν, 1/72), host death rate (μH, 3.84 × 10−5), proportional rate of disease-induced death for P. vivax (k1, 0.25), rate of hypnozoite death in liver (η, 1/223) and proportion of hosts developing symptoms in P. vivax relative to P. falciparum (k3, 1). Parameter values are in Additional file 5: Text S1

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