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Fig. 1

From: Modelling overflow metabolism in Escherichia coli with flux balance analysis incorporating differential proteomic efficiencies of energy pathways

Fig. 1

Model predictions of overflow metabolism for MG, NCM and ML at nominal energy demand. The extent of overflow metabolism is represented by the acetate flux. Simulation results of the respiration flux are drawn to show the switch between fully-respiration and respiration-fermentation mode. Comparison is made between model predictions and experimental data for the rates of acetate production. uPPP% was set to 35% according to the flux measurement [41]. Other uPPP% values render similar results (see Additional file 1: Table S1 and Additional file 2, section 3). Experimental data were obtained from different sources [3, 16, 41]. Data points from [16] were converted using 1 mM A600nm− 1 h− 1 = 2 mmol gDW− 1 h− 1 according to [28]. “-nom” refers to nominal, the default energy demand specified in the core model. ac – acetate flux, vr – respiration flux, simu – simulation results, exp. – experimental data

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