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Fig. 6

From: Model-based virtual patient analysis of human liver regeneration predicts critical perioperative factors controlling the dynamic mode of response to resection

Fig. 6

Phase portrait for quiescent (Q) and replicating (R) cell fractions with varying levels of metabolic load parameter M. All other parameters were set to the optimal levels given in Table 1 The filled circle markers in a-c represent different levels of resection. The red dashed curves represent trajectories for the critical level of resection at and above which failure occurs. a M = 4, yields a threshold of liver failure at 87% resection. b M = 12, yields a threshold of liver failure at 56% resection. c M = 22, for which there is no safe level of resection. d Influence of metabolic load on the threshold of liver failure. Red cross markers in panel d represent the threshold of failure for the corresponding phase planes a-c

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