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Fig. 6

From: A mathematical model to estimate cholesterylester transfer protein (CETP) triglycerides flux in human plasma

Fig. 6

Isotransfer point (ITP) of CETP. a ITP: The green and the red point mark the ITP (the median of the v/v TG/(TG + CE) ratio of all lipoprotein particles weighted by their surface) for plasma of normal (n = 43) and hypertriglyceridemic (n = 18) persons, respectively. Grey lines mark the 95% confidence interval of the TG/(TG + CE) ratio, to which -based on n = 91 measurements of various metabolic states- the corresponding lipoprotein fraction can be allocated (LDL is subdivided into three subfractions). b CETP activity: The ITP is fixed. The influence of high or low CETP activity on the driving force of TG net change in lipoproteins per particle via CETP dependent on their TG/(TG + CE) is displayed. Particles on the right side of the ITP gain TG, particles on the left side loose TG. c Shift of the ITP: CETP activity is fixed. In a hyperlipidemic situation the ITP shifts to the left as (weighted by their surface) more TG-rich particles are present. In consequence the driving force per particle for CE-rich particles increases. d Concrete data: Arrows mark the driving forces per particle for VLDL, IDL, LDL and HDL in the normolipidemic (n = 43) and hyperlipidemic (n = 18) case

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