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Table 2 Comparison between our model and other linear models based on observed data

From: A mathematical model to estimate cholesterylester transfer protein (CETP) triglycerides flux in human plasma

  Lipoprotein fraction R2 to model value p Next best correlation R2 to other observed data p
ΔTG VLDL 0.316 6.8E− 9 PL in VLDL 0.312 8.7E−9
IDL 0.188 1.7E−5 FC in VLDL 0.186 1.9E−5
LDL 0.567 7.6E−18 ApoB in LDL-III 0.498 5.7E−15
LDL-I 0.306 1.4E−8 Total CE 0.281 6.7E− 8
LDL-II 0.759 2.8E− 29 ApoB in LDL-II 0.626 1.1E−20
LDL-III 0.885 1.7E−43 ApoB in LDL-III 0.761 2.0E−29
HDL 0.466 8.7E− 14 TG in VLDL 0.377 9.7E−11
Δ CE VLDL 0.497 6.4E−15 Total TG 0.509 2.1E− 15
Δ TG/ApoB VLDL 0.006 0.476 CE/ApoB in VLDL 0.089 4.0E−3
IDL 0.092 3.0E−3 TG in IDL 0.076 1.1E−2
LDL 0.441 7.3E−13 Total TG 0.391 3.5E−11
LDL-I 0.217 3.0E−6 Total TG 0.257 2.9E−7
LDL-II 0.386 5.2E−11 Total TG 0.273 1.1E−7
LDL-III 0.623 1.6E−20 Total TG 0.503 3.5E−15
Δ TG/ApoA1 HDL 0.477 3.4E−14 TG in VLDL 0.368 2.6E−9
Δ CE/ApoB VLDL 0.186 2.0E−5 ApoB in VLDL 0.160 8.7E−5
  1. Correlation between observed and modeled change in TG (or CE) mass and change in TG (or CE) per ApoB (or ApoA1) in lipoprotein fractions in experiment 1 (n = 91). The corresponding best correlation out of all measured concentrations and lipid per apolipoprotein are also listed. Δ: baseline – plasma stored for 1 h at 37 °C