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Fig. 3

From: In-silico comparison of two induction regimens (7 + 3 vs 7 + 3 plus additional bone marrow evaluation) in acute myeloid leukemia treatment

Fig. 3

Time to 20% blasts. We simulate all combinations of leukemic proliferation (pl, range: 0–2) and self-renewal (almax, range: 0–1) rates. Each parameter combination can be considered a different leukemia. We observed the time to reach the diagnostic threshold (20% blasts). Black lines indicate exemplary contour lines (parameter combinations leading to the same time to diagnosis). The plot shows that leukemia only occurs when the leukemic cells outcompete the healthy cells. The green filled circle indicates the parameter combination of the healthy HSCs. No leukemia occurs for parameter combinations with self-renewal < 0.87 (healthy self-renewal). A reduced proliferation can lead to a leukemia in combination with increased self-renewal. Simulations were run for 5000 days (13.7 years), but leukemic clones that resides within a patient for such a prolonged subclinical phase might not be considered an acute leukemia anymore. Three parameter combinations (fast, intermediate and slow pace; blue filled circles, Table 2) were selected for further analysis

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