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Fig. 5

From: LSM-W2: laser scanning microscopy worker for wheat leaf surface morphology

Fig. 5

Specification of stomata guard mother cells in the wheat leaf growth zone. a Diagram of the neighbor count for each cell of analyzed leaf fragment. The marginal cells were considered as neighbors but did not participate in the further analysis. b Diagram of K-means clustering of cells on the basis of their neighbor count and morphometric properties (area, perimeter, length, width, circularity, elongation) for three clusters. Scale bars for A and B: 100 μm. c Scheme of manual cell classification: pavement cells (green), stomata guard mother cells (yellow), pavement cells in stomata cell row (red) and formula for cell size index calculation, where M is area of guard mother cell, and S is area of a sister cell for guard mother cell which will not form stomata. d Principal components analysis for morphometric properties of cells. Point colors on the scatter plot corresponds to cell colors on diagram (E). Crosses indicate cells that have four neighbors. e Histogram of cell size index, the red arrow indicates the median of the distribution

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