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Fig. 6

From: Identification of Hürthle cell cancers: solving a clinical challenge with genomic sequencing and a trio of machine learning algorithms

Fig. 6

Hürthle and Neoplasm Scores from the Afirma GSC Validation Cohort. a HI classifier scores for the validation cohort. Red dashed line indicates cutoff for HI+ vs. HI-. HI score distribution is plotted as boxplot with individual sample values for the four groups separately: Hürthle Cell Carcinoma “HCC”, Hürthle Cell Adenoma “HCA”, non-Hürthle histopathology malignant “nonHürthle Malignant”, non-Hürthle histopathology benign “nonHürthle Benign”. b The combination of the main B/S, Hürthle, and Neoplasm Indices. Gray points are HI- samples. Purple points are HI+, NI+. Green points are HI+, NI-. Blue dots are HI+, NI- samples that were subject to the adjusted cutoff. c NI classifier scores for HI+ samples from the validation cohort

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