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Fig. 8

From: Predicting disease-related phenotypes using an integrated phenotype similarity measurement based on HPO

Fig. 8

The venn diagram of top-20 gene and disease pairwise similarity. The blue and green are DisPheno and PhenoSim. The purple, tomato, yellow and red are Schlicker, Lin, Masino and Jiang respectively. From the intersection of venn figure, DisPheno performs better than other methods on task of gene and disease similarity measurement. For instance, the upper-left venn diagram shows that there are 5 pairwise genes are included in all methods’ results. All top-20 pairwise genes of DisPheno are contained by others. In contrast, there are 2 (PhenoSim), 4 (Jiang) and 6 (Masino) pairwise genes not belongs to any intersections. a Gene b Disease

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