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Fig. 5

From: A mathematical model of iron import and trafficking in wild-type and Mrs3/4ΔΔ yeast cells

Fig. 5

Dependence of nutrient iron on the O2 and nanoparticle concentrations (in μM). Optimized simulated [O2] (in Panel a) and [MP] (in Panel b) in mitochondria of ΔΔ (solid blue line) and WT (solid red line) cells, plotted against the nutrient iron concentration (Log2[N]). This is the central plot. Other plots in Panel a, on either side of the optimized plot, show that only certain parameters affect curve shape and position. For the other traces, the color-coded parameters shown on the side were altered ±10% of their optimized values while holding all other parameters fixed. Changing other parameters yields traces (e.g. k23 in the white dashed line) that had no effect on the plots and so the trace overlaid the optimal trace in the center. Panel c is a plot of [MP] vs. Risu-max, the maximum rate of FS formation. Low Risu-max values simulate the slow rate of ISC assembly in yfh1Δ cells, while higher values reflect WT conditions

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