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Fig. 1

From: Adaptive information processing of network modules to dynamic and spatial stimuli

Fig. 1

Schematic of circuits. A schematic representation of the primary motifs/circuits in the literature, employed in this paper: (a) Linear network structure, with inflow and outflow: model DR08.M1 (b, c) Two variants of circuits comprising two linear inflow/outflow motifs interacting with one another (DR08.M1**,DR12.M4). (d) A cyclic motif with inflow and outflow (DR08.M33). (e) A negative feedback motif (MA09.FB). (f, g, h) Three variants of incoherent feedforward motifs (KR09,CO09.M2,KI14) (i) A transcritical motif (TC). Additional variants of linear and cyclic motifs with inflow and outflow are presented in the Additional fileĀ 1: Figure S1

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